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Radiant YINsight Women's Circle

Upcoming Womencircle

Radiant YINsight Frauenzirkel

27,03.2022 15.00-17.30 | Yogazentrum Mödling  

What is the Radiant Yinsight Women's Circle?

With the women's circle I would like to enable a coming together in which we women consciously connect and are there for each other.

Space is created to share emotions and to exchange experiences and perspectives.

While you throw off and let go of old ballast, you can rise to new heights and make space for new things and much more.


Since the beginning of time women have come together in every culture.


Women's circles offer a safe and protected space for all women to exchange experiences, stories, ideas and also mutual support and healing in difficult life situations.


Life is celebrated in deep connection and joy with one another! We women are sincerely there for one another, in solidarity, love and sisterhood.

Gehe Yinside und entdecke Deine feminines Strahlen. JETZT!

Every change, no matter how small, started with the first step.

You have your new you

Your transformation

Your life in your own hands.

You can remember your feminine strength again.


Our time together in the Circle includes, among other things ...


Meetings and exchanges entirely between women
Let go of the old and allow and create new things
Meditations, trances and magical rituals
Recognizing & releasing blockages and negative beliefs
Increase in your energetic frequency
Discover your voice
Finding out your inner values
Become aware and create your own vision of life
Manifest & the Law of Resonance
Realize your strengths and skills
Strengthening your self-worth and more self-love ♡
Recognize the power of femininity and use it for you
the (lunar) cycle, live in accordance with the cycle

Afterwards there is time for an individual exchange with tea and a vegan snack. Every woman is invited to bring a small vegan / vegetarian snack.

Your investment: 35, - (including tea & vegan snack afterwards)


I'm happy to see you there!

radiantly yours,


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