Mindful Yin Yoga und Anatomie Ausbildung FOUNDATION im AlpenRetreat mit Sabine Winkler und

Mindful Yin Yoga & Anatomy
Teacher training

im AlpenRetreat am Fernpass / Tirol
mit Sabine Winkler & Philipp Sharma

13. - 20. November 2022

Mindful Yin Yoga und Anatomie Lehrer Aus

The beginning of your Yin Yoga training

60 h Yoga Alliance certified


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Yin Yoga Ausbildung 60h - Foundation Modul

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Yin Yoga Ausbildung 60h - Foundation Modul

AlpenRetreat Tirol | 13.Nov. -  20. Nov. 2022

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At the weekend the "Mindful Yin & Anatomy" training came to an end and I am infinitely enthusiastic. Sabine & Philipp are involved with enormous knowledge, a lot of experience, competence and passion. Radiant Yinsight is not just an empty phrase here, but you get enough of it if you can get involved. I was able to take a lot of valuable things back with me from this training and can only recommend it to everyone! Definitely 10 out of 5 stars! Sabine & Philipp, please keep it up! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful time.

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I was lucky to meet Sabine and Philipp during my yoga training.
It was an extraordinary enrichment for me!
Both of them have a comprehensive knowledge of yoga, breathing, anatomy and physiology and bring an energy to the class that one does not want to leave the classroom at all.
The love with which they share their knowledge is tangible, accompanied by an indescribable commitment and spirit!
Look forward to seeing you again ❤️
Highly recommended!

Beschreibung des Foundation-Moduls:

Description of the Foundation module:


This comprehensive 60-hour training with Sabine Winkler and Philipp Sharma includes the fundamental aspects of Yin yoga and mindfulness practice for yoga teachers and / or committed students. Based on the teaching of Paul Grilley (founder of Yin Yoga), you will get to know the fundamental theory and practice of Yin Yoga poses in detail in an intensive week over 7 days. In addition, you will understand how to design a safe and effective practice, taking into account the variations in the skeleton and the anatomy of the hip. This training also brings a deep level of mindfulness exercises, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and mental techniques with it and a lot of impulses on how you can incorporate all of this into your yoga lessons.

​​​Yin Yoga- Philosophie 

​​​ Yin yoga philosophy  


- History of Yin Yoga

- The power of Yin & Yang

- Basic knowledge of chakras and meridians

Yin Yoga theory and practice


- Aesthetic vs. functional yoga

- The purpose of yoga asanas

- The rebound / tracking down

- The 7-archetype principle of the Yin-Yoga poses

- Yin yoga poses for the myofascial groups

Yin Yoga- Theorie und Praxis

- Ästhetisches vs. funktionelles Yoga

- Der Zweck der Yoga Asanas

- Der Rebound/ das Nachspüren

- Das 7-Archetyp Prinzip der Yin-Yoga Posen

- Yin Yoga Posen für die myofaszialen Gruppen

Mindful Yin Yoga & Anatomie Lehrer Ausbi


- die 3 Ebenen der Achtsamkeit im Yin Yoga

- Pranayama Basis (Atemübungen) und Entspannung im Yin Yoga

- Meditation in der Yin Yoga Praxis

- Körperwahrnehmung, Visualisierung und Bodyscan

- körperliche und emotionale Energie-Blockaden verstehen lernen

- mentales Training in Verbindung mit Yin Yoga

​​Anatomie des Yoga & Faszienstudie

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- the 3 levels of mindfulness in Yin Yoga

- Pranayama base (breathing exercises) and relaxation in Yin Yoga

- Meditation in Yin Yoga practice

- Body awareness, visualization and body scan

- Learn to understand physical and emotional energy blockages

- mental training in connection with Yin Yoga

​​ Anatomy of Yoga & Fascia Study


- Skeletal variations and anatomy of the hip

- Teaching about the 10 myofascial groups

- 14-10-7 Yin Yoga Sutras by Paul Grilley

- Stress, contraction and compression theory

- Analysis of Yin Yoga poses

- Fascia theory and chi influence (basic knowledge)

​Lehre, Methodik & Praktikum 

Teaching, methodology & internship  


- sequencing

- Development of a Yin Yoga class

- The 7-way principle of Yin Yoga teaching

- Energy curve and bhava (mood) of a class

- the 3 levels of mindfulness in Yin Yoga

- Yin Yoga for special needs (pregnancy, menstruation, body restrictions)

- how you can respond individually to students

- Variations of the poses and the use of aids in Yin Yoga

- Benefits and Contraindications of Yin Yoga Poses

- Teaching laboratory: partner and group lessons

- Responsibilities and ethics of a yoga teacher

- Use of voice - Helpful announcement techniques

Mindful Yin Yoga und Anatomie Ausbildung

Your investment for

  • 7 days of classes

  • 60 hours

  • Yoga Alliance Certificate

  • 7 nights in the AlpenRetreat

  • Accommodation costs

  • Catering

  • Tourist tax

  • Course costs


for participants in a shared double room, total: € 1,480 per person  

Costs for accommodation in a shared double room, meals & visitor's tax (already included in the total price): € 560 per person (to be paid to the AlpenRetreat) Click here for the website

Costs for the course tuition (already included in the total price): € 920.00 per person (instead of 1120.00 - to be paid to us)

If you book the "The Power of Releasing" retreat (takes place one week before), you will receive a 150, - discount on the total course costs! The 40-hour retreat is one of our training modules.

The best time for arrival and departure

Arrival: from 4 p.m. on November 13th, 2022
Departure: by 12:00 on November 20th, 2022

For information on transport options, shuttle service and route planning, visit the AlpenRetreat contact page.


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