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Dein Zuhause für

Yin Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Releasing, Frauenzirkel,

und allem, das dich in deine entschleunigende Kraft zurückbringt.

With the profound effect of Releasing and Yin Yoga, the power of the breath and the gentleness of mindfulness, we offer you extensive and in-depth training, courses and classes - on site and online.
This gives you the opportunity to feel yourself in a new way and to develop your true radiant self.

Start your journey now.


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'HOT' YIN - Erwecke deine Sinne und starte ausgeglichen ins neue Jahr WORKSHOP

4. Dez./ 11. Dez./ 18. Dez. 2021/ 8. Jan./ 15. Jan. 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling |

Active Consciousness Breathwork Meditation WORKSHOP

5. Dez. 2021 | Yogazentrum Mödling

Active Consciousness Breathwork Meditation WORKSHOP

9. Jan. 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling

Active Consciousness Breathwork Meditation WORKSHOP

6. Feb. 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling

Frauenzirkel WORKSHOP

20. Februar 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling

Yin Yoga Ausbildung - Foundation Modul 60h AUSBILDUNG

7.- 12. März 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling ODER Online

Frauenzirkel WORKSHOP

27. März 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling

AUM Frauen Retreat - Die Reise zur weiblichen Essenz RETREAT/AUSBILDUNG

10. - 14. August 2022 | AlpenRetreat Tirol

Yin Yoga Ausbildung - Foundation Modul 60h AUSBILDUNG

9.-11. Sept. + 16.-18. Sept. 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling

Yin Yoga Ausbildung -  MyoYIN Modul 60h AUSBILDUNG

7.-9. Okt. - 28.-30. Okt. 2022 | Yogazentrum Mödling

The Power of Releasing Retreat - Zurück zu deiner wahren Natur RETREAT/AUSBILDUNG

07. - 13. November  2022 | AlpenRetreat Tirol

Yin Yoga Ausbildung - Foundation Modul 60h AUSBILDUNG/RETREAT

13. - 20 November  2022 | AlpenRetreat Tirol


Yin Yoga training

vor Ort und Online

Immerse yourself in the world of Yin Yoga

Get to know the basis of this increasingly popular yoga style and get new ideas about anatomy, breath and mindfulness.

Also deepen your knowledge with the modules and complete your 200h diploma.


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Go on a special kind of journey with us.

Experience relaxation, recreation and development in selected places in Austria.

In our retreats you will experience the healing effects of yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness and you can learn the releasing method.

In the retreats especially for women you will immerse yourself in your feminine essence and will be accompanied in bringing your strength as a woman to the outside world.

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What our students say

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At the weekend the "Mindful Yin & Anatomy" training came to an end and I am infinitely enthusiastic. Sabine & Philipp are involved with enormous knowledge, a lot of experience, competence and passion. Radiant Yinsight is not just an empty phrase here, but you get enough of it if you can get involved. I was able to take a lot of valuable things back with me from this training and can only recommend it to everyone! Definitely 10 out of 5 stars! Sabine & Philipp, please keep it up! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful time.