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Full moon in aquarius

Today its time for ending, completing and shifting from old into new...

August 15th 2019 - Full Moon in Aquarius.

Now...At 5.29 Pacific and 2.29pm Austrian time, Energy started to shift.

Today its time for ending, completing and shifting from old into new... We can perceive the past as a dream and let go of our old baggage of misery. Otherwise, we will never be able to create a new magical future with our past negative emotions. At the moment you are able to release and let go you are able to create something new and beautiful.

So use this time of the Full Moon in Aquarius and within the circle of Leo. Its best time for RELEASE and awakening your heart Energy, creativity and radiant divine spark.

"Discomfort has things she wants to share with us, invite her for a cup of tea, listen and witness." -Mystic Mama

Because of the planet's constitution, we are facing discomfort. Try not to act out of it, rather look inward and feel what it wants to tell you.

We create what we focus on. And that's the reason I love the saying "Where attention goes energy flows"

Our thoughts determines and define our world. So if we change our focus/thoughts and bring our attention back to our inner spark we are able to change our reality and world we are living in.

“While this Full Moon reminds us that overcoming external limitations is one thing, but only by removing inner barriers are we truly free.” -Sarah Varcas

Last but not least Aquarius is not just for us it is strong there for the collective to evolve the world... so its time to gather together to create something that is bigger and beyond a single person.

"Alone we are strong and together we are stronger"

I am coming together with my Sisters and creating a powerful Ritual.

What are you doing??

See here the full schedule of the Radiant Yinsight Women Circle in Vienna

Lots of Radiant Love ❤️💕 Sabine 😘


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