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How men can enhance their sexual balance with Yin Yoga

Mindful Yin Yoga mit Philipp Sharma - Happy Baby Pose

Just as yin yoga can positively support fertility in women, it can also increase fertility and virility in men. Balanced male sexuality includes not only a strong, functioning genital area but also a healthy level of self-esteem, determination, motivation, and creative vitality.

Do you sometimes feel

  • limp

  • unmotivated,

  • indecisive,

  • stubborn,

or do you lack fertility, virility, and libido? Then you might take a look at your energy system's balance.

In this article, you will learn more about what can cause this disbalance and how Yin Yoga can help you to harmonize your system. I will also share a juicy yin yoga sequence to open up your hips and heart center to find deep calm and balance your sexual energy,


Are you out of balance?

The causes for problems of virility are manifold. Often they are the result of an unbalanced system. For example, when you have learned to hide your feelings as a child, it may become apparent later that you are doing hard to live out your passion and emotions. Thus, you are suppressing your creative power and your life force energy, your chi. This disturbance can manifests itself in energetic blockades, physically and mentally.

The pelvic region is the area in your body that reacts particularly sensitively to trauma. Reasons can be any form of traumatization, sexual abuse, epigenetics, fear of pregnancy, suppressed feelings, restrained passions.

By diving into the world of the chakras, the energy centers in our body, we are interested in the second of seven chakras, the svadhistana chakra.

Svadhistana is Sanskrit and 'va' means "the own" and Adhisthana is "the place of residence" or "home".

Physically it is located under the belly button, at the level of the sacrum, which is why it is also called the sacral chakra.

This chakra is the centre of our original emotions, stands for passion, sexuality, and creative power, and intuition.

If you want to learn more about the exciting world of chakras, I highly recommend Hiroshi Motoyama's book "Awakening of the Chakras and emancipation".

If you look at it from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the meridians, the energy channels in our body, come into play. In TCM, the kidneys are particularly important. Similar to the chakra teachings, in Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the carriers of vital life energy. With the help of the bladder, the kidneys control the cleansing of the fluid balance, hormone function, the nervous system, sexual activity, as well as your willpower to act on your own. An imbalance of the kidney meridian is associated with the emotion of fear.

Energetic blockages cause stress. This sort of stress disrupts many natural processes in the body, including our sexual organs, the function of the prostate gland and thus virility and fertility, which in turn leads to even more stress. It is a vicious circle. Psychological stress is the biggest energy blocker of all.

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Use the Power of Yin to balance your system

Yin Yoga can be if you like, an initial step to open the body, let go of subconscious issues and let healing happen.

Yin Yoga definitely helps to relieve mental stress and gives your body a break of a different kind. Together with conscious breathing, the long-held poses stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for activating the relaxation phases in the body. In addition, the long-held poses strengthen and stabilize your fascia, joints, and bones.

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The further we go into the Yin practice, the more the breath slows down and draws us deeper and deeper into this parasympathetic or relaxing mode.

The following Yin Yoga sequence will help you to gain

  • virility

  • self-awareness

  • vitality

  • abundance

  • self-esteem

  • flexibility and

sexual balance. You can experience the hip-opening asanas like Butterfly, Happy Baby, and Swan supplying your entire pelvic region with blood and together with Caterpillar and Twist, the svadhistana Chakra, the center of your sexual energy, creativity, and creative power, are stimulated here. The heart-opening Melting Heart completes the sequence for you.

This sequence is one of many possible combinations of poses that will bring these benefits. Any poses that activates the svadhistana chakra, the water element, the kidney meridian lines or that opens the hip can bring you sexual healing.

The sequence begins with a gentle meditation, followed by 6 postures (asanas) and the savasana afterwards. Between every pose, do a one or two-minute rebound as suggested or that you prefer.





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Namaste and lots of love,



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