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Mindful MyoYin and Breath Sabine Winkler

March 05/06/07



50hrs Yoga Alliance certified



This comprehensive training is for any yoga teacher or dedicated Yin Yoga student. It includes the basic aspects of Yin Yoga, Mindful Myofascial Self-Massage practice combined with special diaphragmic breathing methods. Yin Yoga is based on the teaching according to Paul Grilley. With the wide range of Myofascial Self-Massage techniques, you will be able to skillfully combine these two in the form of MyoYin.

You will get a deep feeling of how to create a safe and effective practice with and without different ball techniques and tools for body, face and visceral organs.

Additionally, this training will give you an understanding of the fascia, the skeletal variations and the anatomy of the hips.

Furthermore, you will get ideas of how it affects your inner and outer body awareness, your nervous system and why it is crucial to be mindful when practicing.

This training also includes a deep understanding of mindful movement, how to activate your rest-and-digest response, and how to incorporate all of this into your yoga classes, as a teacher and practitioner.


Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a continuing education certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance US.

Attention: This training assumes a basic knowledge of Yin Yoga it is not my Foundation Teacher Training, In this training, we will only review the basics of Yin Yoga!


Myofascial self-massage

Theory and Practice

Latest Fascia Research

Trigger Points & Pain Physiology

Self-Massage Technique for Body, Face and Visceral Organs

Roll & Release Techniques and Methods

Ball Technique Variations

Ball Sequencing & Teaching Methodology

Role of Fascia and Fascial Dysfunctions

Fascial bouncing sequence


Mindful MyoYin & Breath

Yin Yoga Theory and Practice (Basics)

Combining Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga

MyoYin sequencing

Mindfulness Methods

Connection of Breath and Nervous System

Interoception vs. Proprioception


Functional anatomy

Anatomy of the Hip II

Learn to see the Body as Biotensegrity

Skeleton Variations (Basics)

Tension vs. Compression (Basics)

Essential Muscle Anatomy







Times (Vienna Time Zone)

3 pm - 7 pm Friday

3 pm - 8.30 pm- Saturday / Sunday






You'll receive

  • PDF Manual more than 200 pages to download and print.

  • To support your individual progress, this course will be held in small groups

  • A certificate of completion .

This ONLINE training includes:


  • 6 days live-online training divided on two weekends, Friday to Sunday.

  • 30 hours of live video presentations which will be divided up into five and a half hours on Saturday and Sunday and 4 hours on Friday.

  • Approximately five-minute breaks every hour and a 30-45 minute break about halfway through each live session.

  • 11 hours of pre-recorded Myofascial Self-Massage & Yin Yoga classes with 8 different sequencing from 75-90min classes and even 2x 120min length to get inspired for workshops

  • The day before the live session, you will get send a link, to one of the special sequences, we create for this course.

  • 7-day availability of recordings.

  • Self-study, consisting of readings from the manual for the course and specific articles.

  • Live Q & As

4 Special Bonuses when you book before 05.Feb.

Bonus # 1: Bonus Early Bird € 560.00

Bonus # 2: Recordings are available for 1 Month until 04/April/2021

Bonus # 3: 1x online masterclass life long access

Bonus # 4: 1x Live Online Q & A after the Teacher Training

on March 19th.

Your Investment

€ 560 BONUS EARLY BIRD until 05 Feb 2021

(normal 800, -)

limited spaces


Teachers get 50 hours of continuing education


Yoga Alliance requires all yoga teachers to accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years. Currently, you can fulfill your hours with this training. With this Teacher Training, you get 40h of contact and 10h of non-contact hours.

Fulfilling these 50 hours is as easy as logging into the Yoga Alliance website and entering your hours after you've completed the 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


* All payments are non-refundable but may be converted into Radiant YINsight account credit if cancellation is received 7-days prior to the workshop.

MyoYin Online Teacher Training Yin Yoga.

radiantly yours,



MyoYin & Breath


March 05/06/07




50hrs Yoga Alliance certified

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