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Die Releasing Methode mit Sabine Winkler


“Freedom through Letting Go of Memories from the Past” is a simple process that Dr. EE Lindwall and his wife Yolanda designed to bring into awareness, identify and let go of limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programs.


Once learned and experienced, it is a powerful tool for aligning us with the spirit that you can incorporate into your own life and spiritual practice.

Freiheit durch Releasing mit Sabine Winkler - am Bild: Yolanda und Isa Lindwall

Die Begründer der Releasing Methode Yolanda und Isa Lindwall 

Since the beginning of our life we perceive impressions, experiences, sensations with all our senses. We see, hear, smell, taste and feel our environment and everything that happens around us. This information reaches our brain and body cells via nerve cells and messenger substances and is then stored. We may no longer be able to consciously remember it, from our subconscious, but it has an impact on our further lives.


Negative memories manifest as physical complaints, problems in interpersonal relationships or recurring behavioral patterns and hinder our pursuit of health, happiness and success and love.

However, using the Lindwall Releasing Process we can bring a past disorder to the surface, confront the situation if necessary, and then release the negative effects and emotional content. This happens through relevant, positive statements such as: "I let go of the anger that I have at my boss. I forgive her. I let go of the belief and expectation that this will happen again and again ... and again and again. I now ask for forgiveness and accept it for myself. "


After learning, the Lindwall releasing process can be used alone or with supervision, either in a workshop or on an individual basis. During the releasing session, the companion and the client form a partnership in constant dialogue. The companion guides the client through painful past situations and finally through the act of forgiveness that frees the client from old patterns, heals the psychological wounds and enables them to move on and make new decisions in life.

Learn and experience releasing

or ask for a single session with Sabine Winkler

As people from all backgrounds - including health professionals and clergy - have learned, the Lindwall Releasing Process is a powerful tool in helping us stop or reduce the undesirable effects of old experiences on our overall quality of life.

As Dr. Isa Lindwall always stated:


"You, as a soul, act as a user of a computer.
Your brain is your biological computer.
Your body and your life are the expression.

The words "I'm letting go" are similar to pressing the delete key on your PC.


It erases unwanted programming and emotions, preventing them from affecting the proper functioning of your brain and body cells, which in turn makes your life work more effectively. "

NOTE: The Lindwall Releasing Process is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

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What our students say




Sabine is an incredible coach and mentor. Beyond her extensive yoga and health care training, she connects deeply with the individual and works intuitively with her clients to give them personalized care to fit their needs.

Ever since meeting Sabine four years ago, my life has improved exponentially. In many ways I feel I owe her my life. I was 20 years old at the time with a history of depression and anxiety. If I were to describe myself with one word it would be insular. I could not see very far past my own fears and insecurities, and often felt like I was wading through mud. I had struggled in school, which had been the majority of my life experience up to that point, and had just broken out into what is considered “the real world” with no reference point as to what true wellness really looked like. I felt totally unprepared, and yet my own despair pushed me to seek some sense of joy.

After some soul searching through work and travel, I had the utmost privilege and blessing to meet Sabine. Sabine is a natural born teacher, with an innate ability to cultivate understanding and empathy for those who cross her path. In my own journey with her, she was able to reflect back to me ideals, habits, and traumas that were inhibiting me from accessing my own joy. She provided me with practical tools like yoga, proper diet, meditation, and emotional releasing to help improve my quality of life.


And. It. Worked. With her vast knowledge in different healing modalities, I have no doubt that she has something to share with everyone. Through her I’ve not only learned more about myself, I’ve also gained a lifelong teacher and friend.

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